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This is how we work.

Aegis Recruitment works ONE on ONE with you to ensure we thoroughly understand your requirements.

This is also how we work with each qualified candidate. We do not simply do ‘word matching’. We screen, interview and conduct exhaustive reference checks to ensure a candidate has the core competencies and will fit the culture of your organization. One point of contact. Recruitment can often become a messy process. We like to keep things simple.

One consultant is dedicated to the entire talent selection process. A full team of recruitment specialists supports this consultant to ensure speed, accuracy and quality.

∞ Potential.

Potential is infinite.
Potential for your business.
Potential for your people.

With the right people in your business…the opportunities are limitless. Great results come from having great talents around you. We take pride in helping our clients find the best people for their organization.

Aegis Recruitment scrutinize candidates, communicate with you and implement sound recruitment strategies.

Since 1997, we have been helping businesses achieve their potential.

We love our job!

Tier 1 Investment Bank

We use limited number of agents locally and globally. Aegis is one of the most efficient agents who can provide us with swift and smooth service. We are totally happy with their performance.

Oil Trading House

We seldom have hiring needs. But when we have one, we always ask Aegis. It is simply because they take good care of us and our prospective candidates. Hiring people is like a marriage, and we cannot gamble on it with a few interviews. Aegis does all the difficult part of the screening; skill/experience/personality and also reference check.

Trading Firm

Aegis is one our favoured agencies, because they work close to our hiring managers and HR people. In the end, it is all human deeds. We like the way Aegis handle the recruitment matters.

Tier 1 Construction Firm

We were short in skilled engineers at some point of time. It was really tough practice to look for able candidates at that time. Aegis was the one who stood up and helped us many times. Most of the skilled engineers are still with us and contributing to our business growth.

F&B Company

F&B industry is a small world. But still there are lots of unknown talents out there. Aegis is good at finding hidden talents who are not in the job market.

Advertising/Marketing Firm

Sometimes, we have to wait for months or a year until we find a right candidate. It was amazing that Aegis could bring in several competitive candidates just in a few weeks. They are all good professionals and we are quite happy with the performance Aegis has shown to us.

Logistic Company

What we like about Aegis was that their consultants work very closely with us. They convey correct information learned about candidates. It is truly helpful for us, as we have hundreds of resumes we have to read through. We actually stop doing it and leave it to the specialist, which is Aegis Recruitment.