FAQS About Aegis Recruitment Singapore

How can I be registered with Aegis?

Basically, there are 2 ways of registering in our database:
  • You can apply for a suitable position from our available positions, so that we can consider you as a keen applicant for the particular position.
  • You can just register with us by just submitting your resume on our database via registration form, so that we can contact you when we have a position
    suitable for you.

What information is required in my resume?

We need following information to be included in your resume:
  • information about current place of residency
  • contact data (telephone and e-mail)
  • proficiency in languages
  • education
  • working experience (with information about your responsibilities and achievements)
  • list of references
  • present and expected salary
  • your career goals (long term career plan)

What happens after submitting my resume on line?

Our consultants will contact you after finding relevant vacancy for you. We are sorry, but only the shortlisted candidates are informed.

How often should I update my resume?

We suggest you to update your resume after each important career change. We would like to be informed about your new experience and new skills, so that we will be able to find a suitable position for you with more accuracy in future. Most people update it when they look for a job, but they should remember that very prospective vacancy may appear after some time.

When can I update my resume?

We suggest updating your resume when you have new experience or skills which were not mentioned in its last version.

Should I meet an Aegis consultant in person?

With limited time, we plan our meetings and interviews very carefully. We are sorry, but we are unable to meet everyone. If you are shortlisted for interview,we will contact you via phone or email and then we will let you know what the next steps are.

Can I negotiate my salary with you after receiving job offer?

If your salary expectations are different from the offer given by the employer, you can tell us about it. We will discuss about the matter with the hiring party.

How can I be sure that my application is confidential?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

I would like to know the name of the hiring company. This information is crucial for me as I don't want to apply for a position without knowing which company I am applying for, and I do not want anybody to know about my wish to change jobs.

At certain stage where we assume that you are fully prepared for the position, we reveal the name of the hiring company, and ask you for permission to submit your resume to the company. We do not present your resume or your personal information to our corporate clients without your prior consent.


Joined a SME Service Company

I was stuck in the middle of two decisions; staying with the large MNC, or heading a new SME. Aegis was the one who gave me the second option and I was given a reasonable advice to justify my venturing out from the large corporate world and lead a newly set-up venture company in Singapore. Work is tough, but I feel like a totally different person who has different perspective in my life.
Mr. I, Managing Director, 43 years old, Japanese

Joined a Tier 1 Manufacturing Company

Aegis found me a fantastic working place where I can utilize my experience and knowledge as a CPA. The responsibility is high, but I am kind of enjoying it every day. I like this challenging job.
Mr. H, Finance Manager, 44 years old, Malaysian

Joined a world-renowned Advertisement Agency

After the recession, it had been quite difficult to find a job for advertisement and creative people. Out of dark, Aegis led me to the bright working zone. I am back in my specialized area and am quite happy with the current job.
Ms. G, Art Director, 34 years old, Filipino

Joined a Tier 1 Insurance Company

I have been working for law firms for tens of years. Aegis encouraged me to try one of the legal and compliance position at an insurance company, although I had no on-hands corporate legal and compliance experience. It turned out successful, and at my age I am still enjoying new working experience. Every day is a learning day for me.
Mr. F, Lawyer, 51 years old, Singaporean

Joined a renowned Bank

I always wanted to work for a global business entity, and it was a good surprise that Aegis helped me find a right one in Singapore. I went under several interviews until I got an offer – it was tough but a rewarding experience. I give all the credit to Aegis for my finding a right job.
Ms. E, Secretary to MD, 29 years old, Japanese